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Security Challenges is the only peer-reviewed journal on future security issues published in Australia.

The journal reaches a wide audience of government, corporate and academic experts and our members.  It is a vehicle for innovative thinking about future challenges to the security (broadly defined) of Australia and the region.

2015 Issues

Due to the repeated delays of the Australian Government's Defence White Paper, the final edition of Security Challenges for 2015 will be held over till 2016. This special edition examines the Defence white paper and Australian strategy. It will be published shortly after the paper's release in early 2016.

VOL 11 No. 2 Security Challenges Download complete issue

Kristen Bell
Looking Outward: Enhancing Australia’s Deradicalisation and Disengagement Programs

Mark Beeson and Jeffrey D. Wilson
Coming to Terms with China: Managing Complications in the Sino-Australian Economic Relationship

Natalie Sambhi
Jokowi’s ‘Global Maritime Axis’: Smooth Sailing or Rocky Seas Ahead?


Sam Bateman
Some Thoughts on Australia and the Freedoms of Navigation

Vol 11 No. 1 Security Challenges  Download complete issue


Kevin Foster
Going Dutch or Candidly Canadian? What the ADF Might Learn from its Allies’ Media Operations Practices in Afghanistan

Sam Roggeveen
New Media and Australia’s National Security Debate

James Brown
A Disconnect between Policy and Practice: Defence Transparency in Australia


David Brewster
The Australia–India Framework for Security Cooperation: Another Step Towards an Indo-Pacific Security Partnership


Euan Graham
Divining the Fluid Element: From Cooperation to Conflict in Japan-China Maritime Relations

Shandon Harris-Hogan
Understanding the Logic: An Analysis of Jihadist Targeting and Tactics in Western Countries from 2000 to mid-2012

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