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Our Mission and Purpose 

Everything we do is driven by our mission of promoting regional stability & prosperity.  

As an international think tank, we pursue our mission by crafting a portfolio of activities, programs and events that deliver Insights, Ideas, and Impact.


Regional engagement and understanding is our core business – and this begins by learning more about and increasing our understanding of the Asia Pacific region. Part of our role is to create opportunities that permit governments, industry and the wider community to identify strategic blind-spots.


Clear insights lead to powerful ideas for a secure and prosperous future.

Utilising the very best think-tank model the IFRS sources insights and ideas from a wide range of contributors and authors with a diverse set of experiences and perspectives. Whether utilising our collaboration-based research methodology to garner insights from across a spectrum of practitioners, to publishing research from across the region in our Security Challenges journal, to our innovative ideas forum Next, we provide platforms and opportunities for these professionals to develop and share their ideas with influential audiences.

We work across generations, deeply encouraging our youngest and brightest practitioners to be involved and contribute as well as seeking the wisdom of the old and bold (and those in between).


We work within influential circles to advance our insights and ideas to ensure policy makers and national leaders are as well-equipped as possible to advance stability and prosperity across the region. We ensure they look forward and look at current decisions within the framework of future scenarios.

We also seek to shape policy and action on more than ideas.

From building transnational networks through strategic events, to the Future Strategic Leaders’ Program – which strives to strengthen the next generation of strategic thinkers to be ready to deal with the difficult security challenges that lie ahead – our wide range of programs and activities are aimed at growing insightful strategic-thinking capacity and networking in the national security community.


Promoting Regional Security & Prosperity

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