Australian Defence Business Review Writers Competition


Prizes to the value of $2000 will be awarded in 2018 to the best submissions to The Regionalist

2017 Winners

The articles of our 2017 winners  will be featured in the February 2018 issue of the Australian Defence Business Review.

IFRS would like to congratulate our joint winners for 2017:

Nicholas Lyall: Clashing Doctrines and Strategic Cultures: The Need for Sino-Australian Cooperation

Declan Sullivan: Australian Gendarmes: Bridging Australia's South Pacific Capability Gap

All contributions to this competition must conform with standard The Regionalist (details on The Regionalist website page). Contributions can be made by email to throughout the year.

The competition is open to all young scholars or professionals under 35 years of age (as of the closing date).  If a submission is co-authored, all authors must be under 35 years of age.  Authors must explicitly state their age and intent to enter the competition when submitting an article or comment.

All submissions will be reviewed by an expert panel whose decision is final. Members of IFRS are eligible to participate, unless they are members of the Board of the Institute or of the editorial team of The Regionalist.

See the previous winners here

Robert Chaloner Prize

Prize: $1,000

IFRS would like to congratulate our winner for 2017, David Lang. David was presented his award at Next on 23 November 2017.

The Rob Chaloner Prize is awarded annually as recognition of outstanding young strategic leadership. The Prize of $1,000 is to allow the winner to undertake further personal development of their choosing.

Rob Chaloner was an energetic supporter of the Institute for Regional Security from its very beginnings. He was particularly enthusiastic to see young strategic thinkers encouraged to strengthen their strategic analytical skills, understanding and expertise as well as their practical work, leadership and management capacities. In memory of her husband Frances Chaloner donated a sum of money to the Foundation in order to fund an annual prize in memory of her late husband.