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Security Challenges is the only peer-reviewed journal on future security issues published in Australia.

The journal reaches a wide audience of government, corporate and academic experts and our members.  It is a vehicle for innovative thinking about future challenges to the security (broadly defined) of Australia and the region.

2017 Issues

Vol 13 No. 2
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Dougal Robinson
Congressional Support for Australia Has Paid Dividends with the Trump Administration

Andrew Tan
Singapore’s Survival and its China Challenge

Denghua Zhang
China’s Diplomacy in the Pacific: Interests, Means and Implications


All Measures Short of War: The Contest for the Twenty-First Century and the Future of American Power
by Thomas J. Wright
Reviewed by Andrew Carr

Pacific Power? Australia’s Strategy in the Pacific Islands by Joanne Wallis
Reviewed by Stewart Firth

Global Allies: Comparing US Alliances in the 21st Century by Michael Wesley
Reviewed by Iain Henry

VOL 13 No. 1
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Bert Chapman
US Marine Corps Battalion Deployment to Australia: Potential Strategic Implications

John Blaxland
Strategic Balancing Act: Australia’s approach to Managing China, the USA and Regional Security Priorities

Andrew Zammit
The Role of Virtual Planners in the 2015 Anzac Day Terror Plot

Aaron P. Jackson
Innovation within the Paradigm: The evolution of the Australian Defence Force’s Joint Operational Art


Australia’s Northern Shield by Bruce Hunt
Reviewed by James Batley

A Great Place to Have a War by Joshua Kurlantzick
Reviewed by Greg Raymond

Independent Ally by Shannon Tow
Reviewed by Andrew Carr

2016 Issues

VOL 12 No. 3  The Pivot - 5 Years On
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Allan Behm
The ‘Pivot’: A Twentieth Century Solution to a Twenty-First Century Problem?

Timothy J. Blizzard
The PLA, A2/AD and the ADF: Lessons for Future Maritime Strategy

H. D. P.  Envall
Japan’s ‘Pivot’ Perspective: Reassurance, Restructuring, and the Rebalance

See Seng Tan
Facilitating the US Rebalance: Challenges and Prospects for Singapore as America’s Security Partner

Feng Zhang
Challenge Accepted: China’s Response to the US Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific

VOL 12 No. 2  Social Media in the Modern Security Environment
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Graeme Dobell
Australia’s Defence White Papers by the Numbers

Levi J. West
#jihad: Understanding Social Media as a Weapon

Andy Ruddock
A Fragmented Audience: How to Remain on Target

Sean Childs
Soldier Morale: Defending a Core Military Capability

Sharyn Rundle-Thiele and Renata Anibaldi
Countering Violent Extremism: From Defence to Attack

Jason Logue
The Australian Defence Force’s Embrace of [Un]Social Media

VOL 12 No. 1 Security Challenges Special Edition 2016 Defence White Paper
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Andrew Carr
The Politics of the 2016 Defence White Paper

Michael Wesley
Australian Grand Strategy and the 2016 Defence White Paper

Iain Henry
The 2016 Defence White Paper’s: Assessment of Australia’s Strategic Environment

Robert Ayson
Discovering Australia’s Defence Strategy

Peter Jennings
The 2016 Defence White Paper and the ANZUS Alliance

Mark Thomson
Funding and Delivering the 2016 Defence White Paper

Michael Clifford
The 2016 Defence White Paper—The Land Perspective

John Blackburn
2016 Defence White Paper—The Future of Aerospace forces

Lee Cordner
The Future of Maritime Forces in an Integrated Australian Defence Force

Tim Scully
Cyber Security and the 2016 Defence White Paper

Richard Brabin-Smith
Defence White Paper 2016: Defence Science and Innovation

Graeme Dunk
Defence Industry Policy 2016: Well Intentioned—But Conflicted

Daniel Baldino
An Exercise in Management: Defence Engagement in the Indo-Pacific

Evan Laksmana
Indonesia in Australia’s 2016 Defence White Paper

John Lee
China in Australia’s 2016 Defence White Paper

Amy King
Japan in Australia’s 2016 Defence White Paper

Ian Hall
India in Australia’s 2016 Defence White Paper

Joanne Wallis
The South Pacific in the 2016 Defence White Paper: Anxiety, Ambivalence and Ambiguity

Jay Vlazlovski and Duncan Koenig
From Whiteboard to White Paper: Student Perspectives on the 2016 Australian Defence White Paper

2015 Issues

VOL 11 No. 2 Security Challenges Download complete issue

Kristen Bell
Looking Outward: Enhancing Australia’s Deradicalisation and Disengagement Programs

Mark Beeson and Jeffrey D. Wilson
Coming to Terms with China: Managing Complications in the Sino-Australian Economic Relationship

Natalie Sambhi
Jokowi’s ‘Global Maritime Axis’: Smooth Sailing or Rocky Seas Ahead?


Sam Bateman
Some Thoughts on Australia and the Freedoms of Navigation

Vol 11 No. 1 Security Challenges  Download complete issue


Kevin Foster
Going Dutch or Candidly Canadian? What the ADF Might Learn from its Allies’ Media Operations Practices in Afghanistan

Sam Roggeveen
New Media and Australia’s National Security Debate

James Brown
A Disconnect between Policy and Practice: Defence Transparency in Australia


David Brewster
The Australia–India Framework for Security Cooperation: Another Step Towards an Indo-Pacific Security Partnership


Euan Graham
Divining the Fluid Element: From Cooperation to Conflict in Japan-China Maritime Relations

Shandon Harris-Hogan
Understanding the Logic: An Analysis of Jihadist Targeting and Tactics in Western Countries from 2000 to mid-2012

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